FG Builder



SaaS, E-commerce, Competitor Analysis, Best Practices
The SaaS solution for wide range of E-commerce clients focused on website builders

Class Tag

Web Platform


Research, Personas, Card Sorting, Heuristic Analysis, A/B Testing, Design System
Communication platform that allows teachers and parents to easily engage with one another and share resources

Forte Bank

Mobile App


iOS, Android, Personas, UX Audit, User Testing, Design System
Global bank with multi-services for 1M clients in Asia


Mobile App


iOS, Android, UX Analysis, Digital Guidelines, UI Animation
TELE2 – a self-service mobile app for the telecom operator whose provide mobile and data network services


I'm currently a UX/UI designer at DataArt. My speciality is product design and I used to working with multidisciplinary teams in any environments.

As a proficient product designer, I use a human-centered approach that focused on outcomes for clients and their customers. I start with understanding context, target audience and user requirements, pin essential aspects that requires improvement in the current product.

I always adapt my workflow to client's processes by using design methodologies and personalised strategies. My designs support clients in accomplishing their business goals and provides a value for customers.